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GDPR PRO - General Data Protection Regulation - ALL in 1 This modules helps the site to become GDPR Compliant by adding the law compliant features.
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  • Chatbot Compliance

    Does your chatbot comply with social platform policies and GDPR?

    If your chatbot does not comply with these policies, you (or your business) may be losing potential subscribers daily. We will audit your chatbot and work with you to ensure your chatbot complies with the platform it is connected to. With recent changes to Facebook policies (especially the 24-hour rule) and GDPR it's more important to be compliant. We understand you as a business owner don't always have time to keep up with the latest policy changes, but they still affect you! We keep up-to-date with policies so you don't have to.
  • Web Development Image

    Web Development

    Whether it's a simple blog, landing page or a fully fledged e-commerce solution - we've got you covered!

    Using the latest web development tools and technologies available, we work with you from start to finish to develop the website of your dreams. We utilise the most effective design principles to ensure your visitors will stay and engage with your content. We understand that when it comes to web design, one size does not always fit all - we tailor the website experience to your target audience.

  • Work experience image

    Work Experience

    It's more difficult than ever to get work experience, let alone get employed! Let us advise you and help get the job you want!

    The work landscape changed significantly since the COVID-19 pandemic spread throughout the world. Many jobs migrated to work-from-home through necessity – to not spread COVID-19 further. Even so, the recruitment process was already in decline long before this. Even through recessions, navigating the recruitment process as a potential employee can be daunting and very one-sided. There are many challenges, unspoken rules and tricks employers engage in that can make it seem impossible to get employed. ‘Entry level’ jobs are generally hit hardest by these tactics – employers expect years of experience for junior or supposed entry level positions. Employers seem less willing to invest in employees fearing they will ‘jump ship’ the moment their training finishes, or when a better opportunity comes along. Surely it can’t be problems with every single employee...maybe, just maybe it’s a problem with the environment companies have created for themselves and not the employees themselves. If your company has a high attrition rate – if employees don’t stick around for long, maybe the company is the problem.

    We aim to help people gain practical work experience and provide advice for those struggling to navigate the terrible contemporary employment landscape. We are also working toward providing resources to people looking to get practical work experience within IT. Sign up to our newsletter to know when these are available!


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